More reporting on the movement to leave the EU in England (  For Believers, there may not be a single political issue that has more ramifications than the decision to join or leave the European Union.  The importance of this issue is not based on economics, nor is it based on nationalism.  This issue is incredible important as membership in the EU will certainly mean that country will fall under the dominion of the Beast when he ascends to power.  The Anti-Christ will become the leader of a 10 nation confederation, and all signs point to the EU as that vehicle.  For this reason, it is of utmost importance that England moves to leave the EU.  Should such an event occur, it would encourage citizens of other nations to stand up and similarly move to save their nation from the Beast.  Any nation that falls under the dominion of the Anti-Christ will be forced to take his mark, and that will mean external separation from God — a fate worse than any form of physical suffering.
The mass media will oppose any move by the Cameron administration to hold a public referendum on this issue.  Rich and power people and organizations will use their wealth and influence to intimidate those that would support England’s departure from the EU.
Among those opposing this movement, you will surely find children of the Beast who are actively working for his final ascension to power.  These people share the political agenda of the Anti-Christ.  Just as John the Baptist prepared the way for the ministry of Jesus, the children of the Beast are preparing the way for his work in this world.  The children of the Beast may have worldly power, but they are few in number and are seeking to take political control over democracies.  This means that in the end, each nation will choose whether it will allow itself to fall under the power of the Beast or not.  England is now facing that incredibly important decision.  Believers must take up this chance to stand up and fight.  England has a chance to make itself safe from the Beast and inspire other nations to make the move.  Should America fall under the sway of the Beast, England can perhaps serve as a sanctuary for Believers in the End of Days, for those seeking to flee.  Christs commands His Believers to love their neighbors, as He loves us.  I cannot think of a greater way to express that love than to keep them safe from the dominion of the Beast.


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