As the saying goes, its never over until its over.  We must never give up on America and Believers must keep working to keep the country safe from the Beast and his minions.  However, we are approaching a possible point of no return.
The US Supreme court is perhaps the last defense against the Beast and his supporters.  I do not believe Obama is the Anti-Christ, given that I believe the Anti-Christ will be a false messiah — and thus of the tribe of David.  But as an example, should Obama issue an executive order banning assault weapons or even banning the ownership of all guns, those who oppose such a move can ask the Supreme Court to overturn such an action.  Should the Supreme Court rule against that executive order, then the federal government could not legally enforce that order.  However, should the Supreme Court refuse to hear the case or sanction it, then that executive order would become law.
At present, of the 9 judges that comprise the court, there is a precarious balance between those thought ‘conservative’ and those thought ‘activists’.  I would consider the activist judges as those willing to subvert the Constitution to achieve a political goal.  Obama has appointed activist judges in the past, and with the next 4 years, should Obama get the opportunity to appointed one more judge, then he will swing the balance of the court so that the activist judges will have a majority on the Court.  This means that the activists will control the Supreme Court, and will reshape the Constitution.  Should this occur, then America will be incredibly vulnerable.  Obama or anyone who shares the political agenda of the Beast, can then make laws that take away liberty from the American people and the activists on the Supreme Court will allow it to happen — as they share the same political agenda.  Obama will not only be able to ban assault weapons, but he can start the process of restricting sale of all fire arms — as an activist controlled Supreme Court will allow it to happen.  In a similar fashion, should the Beast rise to power in America, an activist controlled Supreme Court would surely allow the Beast to force all Americans to take his mark, on some thinly veiled political excuse.
Should Scalia or Kennedy, the two oldest conservative judges, die or retire from the Court while Obama is President (, then Obama will have the opportunity to sway balance of the Court in favor of the activists — those who would sanction the loss of liberty for their own political agendas.  At that point of time, expect to see a quickening of legislative action, as the children of the Beast will take advantage of the opportunity to achieve their political agenda.  Should this scenario come to pass, then America may pass that point of no return, where it may become all but impossible to change its course away from the Beast.
Let us pray and work for a new revolution, a Christian renewal that will make America secure from the Anti-Christ and those that work for his ascension.

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