This site has speculated that the Whore (aka illegitimate Biden administration) will further escalate its provocations against Russia going into the US November mid-term elections.  Our reasoning is that the Whore has two aims in its attempt to escalate the Ukraine conflict into a NATO-Russia conflict.  The first aim is to weaken the Beast (aka the European Union).  Though both the Beast and the Whore have the same political agenda in working towards the creation of a world government, the Whore is looking to wreak havoc in Europe, so that the Whore can basically do a hostile takeover of the European Union.  The second aim will be to use a direct conflict with Russia to serve as some sort of screen to once again rig the elections in America.  As the illegitimate Biden administration now controls the federal bureaucracy, there are any number of ways it may attempt to rig the Congressional mid-term elections.

The illegitimate Biden administration is the only party to gain from the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipeline.

Fears of sabotage as gas pours into Baltic from Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines | Nord Stream 1 pipeline | The Guardian

The mass media and Western politicians who blame Russia for the sabotage are lacking in any credibility as Russia does not need to blow up its own pipeline to halt supplies of gas.  The sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline represents a direct attack by the Whore on Russia — a massive escalation in its provocations.  This attack makes the Beast (aka the EU) all the more dependent on America for its energy needs, as well as serving as another poke in the eye of the bear.

The question is will Russia allow itself to be merely goaded into attacking a NATO country or using tactical nukes in Ukraine, or will the Beast decide that it is in its best interests to collude with Russia and stand aside as Russia launches a direct attack on America.  This is obviously an outlandish speculation, however, given that Revelation tells us that the Beast will turn on the Whore, it is a notion that is not inconsistent with the prophecies of Revelation.

The opening of the Sixth Seal could very well be in the not-so-distant future, so it would be wise to at least make some minimal preparations for what may occur.  Stock up on needed things, like medicine.  Have some extra cash on hand.  A few emergency food rations never hurt — even if the food eventually goes bad, consider it an insurance expense.  Be wise and may God give you the faith to endure.  DTTW.

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