I stumbled upon a site that claims to have an internal document from the Rand corporation.

Shocking document: How the US planned the war and energy crisis in Europe – Nya Dagbladet

I have no clue as to the credibility of this Swedish site, but I am linking the article anyway, as it pretty much reflects what we have been arguing from the start — that the US instigated a conflict in Ukraine, in order to weaken Europe.

It should be clear to any thinking person in Europe that the US set into motion the events that has led to its current economic nightmare.  The Whore continues to wreck societal chaos and suffering.  Revelation tells us that is only matter of time, perhaps in the near future, where God will bring about the destruction of the Whore.  A reoccurring theme in our discussion of the prophecies of Revelation is that man is often used as a tool to bring about the manifestation of God’s prophecies.  I believe that God will use man to bring about the destruction of the Whore — the Beast will have a hand in it, and perhaps Believers will also be called upon to help with the Whore’s demise.  It is not yet clear as what will be the manner of the Whore’s undoing, but at this point, I cannot see how it will not be a bloody affair.

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