I just wanted to post this link, in support of previously made arguments:

Inflation Now Causing Hardship for Majority in U.S. (gallup.com)

The mass media will just try to convince you that if you are suffering more than the mass media is saying you are, then you are just a loser — that is the vibe I get when I actually go to a mass media news site.  The way in which the government inflation data releases are calculated, are skewed to underestimate the actual inflation that people experience.  On top of that, depending on your income bracket, the actual inflation you experience is different.  For those who spend all of the income they receive on the daily necessities of life, they will experience the greatest amount of pain from high inflation.  The wealthy, who spend the smallest amount of their wealth/income on daily necessities, will actually benefit from high inflation as it will increase the value of their various assets.  From this point of view, we can see that the policies being pursued by the central banks have been solely focused on benefiting the most wealthy, contrary to what they say.

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