The Australian Parliament has passed the bill legalizing same sex marriage in Australia. We have previously argued that Turnbull is working to fulfill the agenda of the Beast, as payback to his backers.  Turnbull’s administration changed media ownership laws, allowing for overseas interests to gain a full monopoly over Australia’s mass media ― crucial for effective propaganda. He also allowed the non-binding postal vote on single sex marriage to proceed― we have seen how voter fraud in America and Europe has been used to win crucial elections.

A regional newspaper has once again published propaganda claims that homosexuality is determined before birth :

Homosexuality conversion most readily occurs when minors suffer homosexual child abuse, with the abuser being an adult or older minor. An illustrative example of this can be seen in a recent news article:

The homosexual abuser was 18 and molested over 50 children. A case study would show that the sexual criminal was certainly abused as a child, and he is repeating the cycle of his own conversion to gay-ism. The normalization of homosexuality means that this child-upon-child homosexual abuse will explode in magnitude.

The proponents of gay marriage will now move to the next phase ― systematic grooming of young children for gay conversion. This process can be seen in England:

Toddlers are being indoctrinated in accepting gay sexuality.  This will make them more open and accepting of being sexually abused by homosexuals. There is no end to this evil ― it will only get worse over time.

We have argued that the normalization and promotion of gay-ism is part of the agenda of the Beast.  Severe and frequent homosexual abuse of children result in an almost hard wiring in the brain, where sex is equated to homosexuality.  It creates an almost insurmountable barrier to finding God.

Though this trend is not directly part of the prophecies found in Revelation, I believe that if nothing else, an explosion in the homosexual population will ready society to bend their knee and worship the Anti-Christ as God, when he declares his godship from the newly built Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

I fear the persecution of Believers in America and Europe will rise as the percentage of homosexuals in society rise to a significant level. It is now only a matter time.

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