United States of Europe

The leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party, Martin Schulz, reminds us of the ultimate goal of the European Union ― the creation of a European mega-state through the political unification of its members.


For this reason, the EU remains our most probable platform for the rise of the Anti- Christ.

United States of Europe… and the Middle East

It is argued by some biblical scholars, that the mega-state of the Beast will represent the revival of the Roman Empire.


By coincidence, or not, the Roman Empire extended to Turkey, Syria, Israel, and Egypt.  Is it possible that the children of the Beast are already preparing to politically absorb Muslim countries of the Middle East?

We have already argued that the European mega-state wants to absorb Israel in order to control the future rebuilt Jewish Temple. Is it possible that they are also looking to absorb Turkey and Syria, in order to have a continuous landmass with Israel?  The European acceptance of the mass Muslim immigration can be seen in a new light, given this proposition. Should we be correct in this speculation, we can expect to see the EU come to agreement to allow unrestricted immigration of Turkish citizens into the European Union:


This would be the first step for full EU membership for Turkey. Should Assad be driven out from Syria and a western puppet be installed, then we can expect an immediate start to the process of accepting Syria into the EU as well.  However, these possible future events would only represent a sideshow to the main objective ― the integration of Israel into the European mega-state.

The Pope wants to fight global warming

It is within the realm of possibility to say that the Pope does not read this website. We say this because he seems to want to fight global warming:


Our view is that global warming will be a major driver of a number of prophecies found in Revelation.  Also, we would argue that the Pope has not read the scientific research which argues that there is already enough carbon in the atmosphere to bring about cataclysmic global warming ― there is a lag between the high levels of carbon in the atmosphere and catastrophic warming that will occur after once a number of natural global warming cycles have run their course (e.g. arctic methane release, collapse of ocean mixing, burning of the boreal forests).

I read a news article that said an obscure prophecy uttered by a catholic cleric hundreds of years ago, predicted that this current pope will be the last pope.


I guess the current pope is in denial that we are in the End of Days, and also does not believe in the above mentioned Irish prophecy.

Life is truly strange and amazing.

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