Technology and the Mark of the Beast
The new iPhone 5 has a finger print scanner on the home button.  This represents the next step in the use of biometric data for electronic access.  Given the growing use of smart phones for payments, this takes us further down the road of using biometric data for buying things — and thus, one step closer towards the introduction of the mark of the Beast.

Rebuilding of the Temple
There has been a small but meaningful step by some Jews to retake the land needed to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem — enough small steps can lead to giant leaps.

US Housing Rebound — not being driven by the 99%
At least in New York city, all cash buyers seem to be dominating the housing market — which strongly implies that it is ‘investors’ who are driving up prices as they buy up houses with their all-cash purchases.  It has been reported that hedge funds and Chinese money has been flooding into the US housing sector, driving up prices — again at the expense of the average family that must use financing to purchase a home.  Fed policy again is shown to benefit the rich over the working class as they make it harder for first time home buyers to re-enter the housing market.

Preparing the way for America’s political merger with Europe
Implicit in the notion of America falling under the dominion of the Beast is that it will be part of the 10 nation confederation that the Beast will come to take power over.  As we view a political union as a prerequisite for such a move, it goes without saying that the children of the Beast are working towards having America join a politically unified Europe.

Obviously, while this may be considered an impossible and absurd proposition at this point by most, those who consider the ramifications of the prophecies of Revelation may see the truth in the proposition.  The large influx of illegal immigrants into America, and the move to further increase this flow vis-a-vis the ‘Immigration Reform’ bill serves to dilute the national identity of Americas, among other things.  A further doubling or tripling of the flow of immigrants (the Immigration Reform bill will not only increase the amount of ‘legal’ immigration but also allow the newly ‘legalized’ immigrants to bring in their extended families) will further weaken the national identity, paving the way for the loss of nationality with a political merger with Europe.

The state of California is looking to set new precedents in the elimination of the natural privileges of US citizenship.  They will allow illegal immigrants to practice law and to monitor elections.  Whereas, in some states where politicians are trying to prevent illegal immigrants from illegally participating in national elections through strengthening of voter laws (which Obama is having the Department of Justice oppose), the state of California is moving to the opposite direction, making it easier for the illegal participation of illegal immigrants to vote.  This represents an effort to make it easier to sway ‘voters’ to support a loss of national identity through a political merger with Europe (and having America become part of the Beast’s dominion).

As far fetched as this may seem now, it is undoubtedly part of the long term political agenda of the Beast and his children.

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