On Bloomberg News (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-02-06/eu-seeks-to-advance-u-s-trade-deal-as-china-s-role-grows.html), as well as in a recent Economist, it is reported that the US and EU are preparing to formally enter into negotiations to create a free trade agreement.  America has made similar agreements with other nations — but should negotiations be successful, the implications are far reaching.
Unlike past deals, the European Union is not a nation, but a collection of independent states that have created an economic union and are moving towards a political one.  Entering into a free trade agreement with the EU would only be the first step, as the ultimate goal for the backers of such a move is for the US to join the political union of the EU.  This would mean that the US will come under the domination of the Beast when he ascends to power.  I cannot stress enough how significant this news is, especially for Believers in America.  Should this free trade agreement come into effect, then it may be too late for America to avoid the coming embrace of the Anti-Christ — as this would add even more probability that the Anti-Christ will be an American President.
Believers must work to stop the political agenda of the children of the Beast — those looking to prepare the way for his rise to power.  I cannot think of a more dangerous political development than this.

Failure to stop this from occurring would make it even more important to make contingency plans for the future.  For those with the financial means, purchase of a home in another part of the world is one idea.  South America is traditionally hostile to the US, so Brazil is one idea.  Canada speaks English and has many remote areas that can offer some refuge.  For those without the means, please seriously consider moving to states with a large Christian population that has some control of the state politics.  For example, it would be best to leave California and New York.  Texas or states along the border with Canada may be areas to consider relocating to.  For those with jobs and families and are unable to freely move, then spend time to find churches and Believers in different parts of the country or even the world.  Network and find good, dependable people.  When the hard times come, it will be easier to deal with developments in groups, than facing them alone.  Do churches have ‘sister church’ programs with congregations in other nations?  Are there exchange student programs sponsored by churches or other Christian organizations?  These may be some ways to network with Believers from other countries.  If such programs do not exist, then perhaps it is time to start them.

There is still time to act, and still time to prepare.  Do not wait for things to go bad before making your preparations.  God has given us many signs to see that the prophecies of Revelation will be fulfilled in our life time.  America can still be saved from the Beast, but Believers must work to stop the children of the Beast from their goals.  Failure would mean that Believers must flee or find refuge

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