The Cameron administration of the United Kingdom is considering on whether to hold a referendum in the UK on whether it should stay in the European Union, letting the people make the final decision.  The Obama administration has come out against it — which is not surprising considering its track record (

Let us pray that Prime Minister Cameron has the vision and courage to let the people of the UK vote on whether they wish to be part of the EU or not — especially given the the EU has made its intention clear of moving to a complete political union of the member nations.  A referendum would give the Believers in the UK a chance to keep their nation free from domination of the Beast when he ascends to power.  Should the UK vote to leave the EU in a referendum, it would encourage people in other nations to seek their freedom as well.

Of course, the children of the Beast will do all they can to stop such a referendum.  We can expect Obama and his supporters to put great pressure on the Prime Minister Cameron, to stop him from moving ahead with the national referendum.  This is demonstrative of how the Beast will seek to subvert democracy, and take away people’s liberty.  The White House and the Senate seem to be firmly dominated by those that share the same political agenda as the Beast and his children.  Not only will they seek take away liberty in the US, but they seek to do the same for other nations.

England, be brave!  Move ahead with the referendum and fight to keep free yourselves from the domination of the Beast’s children.  Perhaps God will make England a sanctuary for His Believers.

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