I hope everyone had a great 2012.  The new year is upon us and if nothing else, it will bring us more surprising events.  Though any particular event may prove to surprise us, we will not be surprised by the flow of events.  There are forces at work that are pushing the world towards the actualization of the prophecies of Revelation.  That will not change, and most likely they will intensify as we move ever more closer towards the End of Days.
However, that does not mean we cannot find joy and happiness in our daily lives, as we live in faith.  Jesus commands us to love our neighbors as He loves us.  As the Shepherd will protect us and look after us, even in the darkest of times, so must we also try to help those around us.  The Shepherd brings the flock to pasture and to water — and He also drives away the wolves and other predators away from the sheep.  We too must strive to keep those we love safe from predators that would not only seek to hurt the body, but also seek to destroy the soul.
Be good shepherds  to those around you and do what you must to take care of those around you, keeping them safe from the predators that roam our society.


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