In a previous post, I highlighted the creation of a new German political party, Alternative for Germany, whose platform is based on the dissolution of the Euro currency bloc and the return to national currencies.  One article reports on the growing popularity of this new party —

We have speculated on more than one occasion that the prophecies of Revelation points to the possibility of a coming breakup of the European Union.  One prophecy is interpreted to mean that the Beast will come to power over a resurrected Roman Empire.  Though we may be getting a bit too technical, the Netherlands, Finland, and Germany were never part of the ancient Roman Empire (looking at maps of the Roman Empire, we can see that the territory of the above mentioned nations were not part of the Empire).  When this is combined a separate prophecy that the Beast will head a 10 nation confederation, we come to the possibility of the following scenario:

The Alternative for Germany grows in strength as we approach the final phase of the European debt crisis.  Perhaps Grillo and his 5 Star Movement gain control of the Italian government and makes an announcement similar to one made in Greece — Italy has covered up the true extent of its debt and it is much larger than previously thought.  The southern European indebted states will border on financial collapse and will clamor for the dissolution of the Maastricht treaty (which forbids the ECB from monetizing the debt of member nations).  The northern European nations of Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands leave the EU, and the southern nations reconfigure into a new monetary and political union.  As the new union is both political as well as monetary, the central bank of the new European Union can then emulate the policies of the Federal Reserve and buy up the debt of its member nations.

Of course this is pure speculation on one possible path that will lead to the final ascension of the Beast.  We will monitor the growth of the new German political party, Alternative for Germany.  Should it ever grow popular enough to lead a German government, then that may be a sign that the End Days are truly upon us.

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