We recently posted a link to a US federal report that argued that the current drought that has been affecting central US since last summer has no connection to global warming.  Here is a rebuttal to that rebuttal (http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2013/04/12/1859541/yes-climate-change-is-worsening-us-drought-noaa-report-needlessly-confuses-the-issue/?mobile=wt) .

It raises some interesting points as well as making references to a number of other research pieces.  This ongoing phenomena relates to the prophecies of Revelation as a long term drought (one that lasts for more than a few years) could lead to severe food shortages for many parts of the world (if US production is hit hard enough, then not only will prices skyrocket, but the US will no longer be able to export, causing famine in nations dependent on those exports).
In a related story, the spring snowfall has negatively impacted the winter wheat crop (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-23/record-freeze-in-u-s-extending-wheat-crop-damage-commodities.html).

Often, for something to go really bad, you would need to have more than one thing go wrong.  Drought plus late freezing weather has meant even more damage to this year’s food production.

The Slow Death of Cash…and the coming Mark
The trend towards less cash and more electronic transactions continues apace, as we are reminded in this article (http://news.yahoo.com/8-ways-death-cash-change-life-150809790.html).

As money is something that is controlled by the federal government, the government can just decide to stop printing money and thus force everyone to use an electronic payment system (e.g. Canada recently announced that it will stop making the Canadian penny).  When that day draws near, have your passports ready and be ready to escape to your sanctuary.

Haves and Have Nots in America

Further documentation on the growing underclass in America and how current trade/monetary/fiscal policy in the US have only benefitted the wealthy(http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-23/wealthiest-americans-only-winners-in-recovery-pew-says.html).

I have often touched upon this subject, so will merely repeat that this growing divergence is eroding democracy in the US and if not addressed, will eventually lead to the loss of freedom should the nation fall under the power of the ascending Beast.

Soon, I will argue how perhaps the only path that can lead America away from the dominion of the Beast will be one that will lead the country through a period of economic depression.  Jesus taught that if your eye or hand causes you to sin, better to be rid of it than go to hell.  In a similar vein, if government policies are leading the nation into the embrace of the coming Beast, better to be rid of them — and endure some suffering —  if that can save the nation from something even worse than physical death.

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