We have speculated on numerous occasions about the breakup of the Eurozone.  I sense that there is a growing consensus among certain circles that the Eurozone would be better off without the northern states that insist on adhering to previously agreed upon treaties regarding fiscal and monetary policy (i.e. German, Finland, and the Netherlands).  Soros is again quoted as saying Germany should allow Eurobonds or leave the Eurozone (http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/george-soros-says-germany-must-accept-eurobonds-or-leave-euro-zone-a-893630.html).

Should the Euro-government debt crisis become further aggravated by a potential default by the likes of Italy or Spain, then the cries of Soros and his like will surely increase.  In the end, they would argue that only by having the ECB monetize the debt of the Eurozone nations (i.e. have the ECB act like the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan by buying large amounts of EU government debt) can the current crisis finally be resolved.  Should the crisis ever reach this point, then look for the breakup of the Eurozone — and the final formation of the United States of Europe where the Beast will ascend to power (and hopefully the Believers in America will have been successful in keeping their nation safe from being pulled into that literally damned state).


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