Recently, we have made numerous comments about the changing weather and the factors that may be driving them.  One researcher has recently published an article claiming that the US drought is not being caused by global warming (
However, given that this study was published by the Federal government, one has to be mindful that reports from that source are political political.  Despite my doubts about the source, I felt obliged to post competing ideas on this important subject.
The factors affecting global weather are as diverse as they are dynamic.  Summer will soon be upon us (assuming that it will start in June), and we shall see soon enough what type of weather it will bring. The myriad manifestations of global warming and its projected trendline do coincide with this blogs view on the outter time boundary for Christ’s return (2048 — 100 years from the birth of Israel).
The Bible has given us signs to watch for, that will tell us that the End Days are near.  I do believe that global warming and its implications for food production will serve as an ongoing reminder that Christ’s return is drawing closer.

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