We have talked off and on about global warming and weather change.  There was a recent article in the International Herald Tribune that was discussing the US heat wave and drought in a more global perspective.  While the heat and lack of rain has been devastating the corn and soybean crop in the US, the article said that Russia was once again suffering from the same sort of drought that have previously made it suspend all wheat exports.  Also, the monsoon in India was late and the rain that had fallen was insufficient for the Indian rice and wheat crops.  Corn and soybean prices are now at historical highs, and should Russia suspend its wheat exports, the price of that grain will similarly skyrocket.
Should one year of drought be sufficient to push grains to record highs, what will happen if the current heat and drought is part of a longer term trend?  High prices will not be the issue — the issue will be whether there will be any food to be had.  For those countries that must import food to feed their people, they may find themselves in a situation where other countries will refuse to sell them food.
An interesting side note is that due to the warm temperatures, there has been a massive explosion in the amount of plankton in the Arctic and a similar explosion in the population of lobsters off the Maine coast.  So if you live in Maine, you are in luck.  However, for most of the world, the long term trend of global warming will result in food shortages.
Famine is a reoccurring theme in Revelations.  I am not an expert on Mormon beliefs, but I do believe that their church tells them to hold 3 months of food rations.  I saw that there was one company in Utah that sold freeze dried foods and other types of food stuffs that were designed to last for years (e.g. barrels of whole wheat grains).  For those with space and a few extra dollars, I would recommend that you buy some insurance and stock pile some food if you can.  The price of food is definitely going up, and that is something that we deal with.  However, at some point in time, the availability of food for sale may become an issue.
Perhaps God will call His Believers to Him in the Rapture before things get really hairy — but He may decide to take His time about it.  Not use in gambling if you don’t have — be prepared.


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