It is easy to talk about weather change in the summer when a massive heat wave has most of the country in its grip.  However, weather change has been and will be a reoccurring theme for our writing.  Mentioned in an earlier entry, there was an interesting research piece that showed the recent (last 20 years) rises in greenhouse gasses goes way beyond the previous historic peaks.  Along with the rise of these gases, average global temperatures also rose.  The implication was that global warming will go up to a degree that the world has never experienced.
The relevance of this event to the prophesies of Revelations lies in the connection of global warming to our food chain.  The current heat wave is having a large impact on the US corn crop, and with corn inventories near recent lows, the price of corn in the futures market has been rising.  A reoccurring theme in Revelations is famine and we can see that should the current US heat wave represent a more permanent trend, then it will have serious implications for the world given the amount of grains, corn and wheat, that the US exports to the rest of the world.
Over half of America is currently suffering drought conditions.  However, this could quickly change with a good dusting of rain.  The important issue is whether the current heat wave represents a periodic anomaly in the weather, or whether it represents a trend of things to come.  Give the progressive nature of the warming of the Earth, as represented by the unprecedented melting of the polar ice cap during the summer months, we can expected to see a continued rise of summer temperatures and more degradation of our grain crops.  Food inflation will continue to erode not only our living standards, but as Revelations foretells, it will morph into food scarcity and all that implies.

[The previous entry discusses a phenomena that would cause a cooling of temperatures, so we can see that the discussion of “weather change” can be quite complicated.  In any event, we will monitor these trends in relation to its impact on our food supply.]


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