This article just came out, and given my recent posts, it just seemed like good timing —

Last week, there was a new research piece out that argued that the Atlantic Ocean was serving as a heat sink, absorbing massive amounts of heat, and thus causing a pause in the rise of average global temperatures.  Could it be that this warming of the Atlantic Ocean has progressed to the degree that it is starting to melt frozen, underwater methane hydrates (as mentioned in the above article)?  We had previously posted a link to an article which had a map of the known location of methane hydrates, which showed deposits all over the world.  If the North Atlantic has warmed up sufficiently to melt its methane hydrates, then perhaps so has the ocean in other parts of the world.  Should this methane cause an acceleration in global warming, this feedback mechanism will assure the total release of all the methane deposits locked in the permafrost and in our oceans.

The article also says that the methane released in the oceans is partially absorbed by the water, resulting in further acidification.  This also supports our argument that ocean acidification could progress to the point bringing about massive red tide blooms across many parts of the world’s oceans.

The article, as most often do, tries to take a reassuring tone — that this phenomena is nothing to be worried about and that all is well with the world.  However, we know what Revelation says.

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