The Ebola outbreak in Africa has been in the news for a while now as the viral outbreak continues unabated in West Africa.  At the start of the End of Days, with the release of the horsemen, pestilence is not mentioned until the fourth riders, where Death and Hades are released.  Should Ebola break out of from Africa and spread to someplace like India or China, then we will need to reevaluate where we are in terms of Revelation’s timeline.  At present, I am assuming that the first horseman (the Conqueror) has been released, and that we are waiting for confirmation of the second horseman (Conflict/War).

However, if Ebola does become a global pandemic (which is still a low probability event), then we must consider the possibility that we are further into the End of Days than previously thought.   Revelation says that Death and Hades will be given dominion of a quarter of the world — where they will bring death through war, pestilence, and famine (also wild beasts but not sure how that will manifest itself).  At present, war is ravaging most of the Middle East (Libya, Syria, Iraq, Israel/Palestine territories, Lebanon, etc) and large parts of Africa (Nigeria, Mali, Sudan/South Sudan, etc), and now pestilence is striking west Africa.  Famine could quickly come upon the world as depletion of ground water will cause a ‘sudden’ crisis in food production.

For now, let us assume that Death and Hades are yet to be released upon the world — while keeping an eye on west Africa.

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