We have recently proposed that global warming will be a driving factor behind the realization of several prophecies found in Revelation (refer to the section ‘Science and Revelation’).  However, we are faced with one glaring discrepancy — the scientific timeline for a severe increase in temperatures are usually 80 to 100 years or more away, while our expectations for Christ’s return is less than 40 years away.  Either global warming will not be a driving force behind certain prophecies as we proposed or the scientific estimates are off, and drastic temperature rises will happen much sooner than current estimates.

There is one crucial element of the carbon puzzle that has yet to be factored into the climate change models — the methane that is present in the Arctic permafrost and the methane hydrates found in the Arctic Ocean.  Scientists have long warned that the melting of the permafrost would release a significant amount of methane into the atmosphere, which would result in accelerating the rise in global temperatures.  Scientists are even more scared of the implications of the oceans warming to the point of melting the methane hydrates (basically, a frozen methane solution) beneath the oceans.  The release of even a small percentage of the methane from the methane hydrates currently frozen under the ocean could result in a catastrophic increase in global temperatures.  These two sources of methane are now being released into the earth’s atmosphere.  Should larger portions of the permafrost melt in the summer months and should the warming of the ocean result in melting even a small percentage of the methane hydrates, then this would result in speeding up the global warming process — and enable global warming to ‘burn up’ a third of the world and eventually ‘scorch’ the entire planet within our 40 year time frame.

Just as the release of Arctic methane has the potential to help bring about the prophecies of Revelation, there is a related phenomena that will play a role in manifesting another prophecy in Revelation — ocean acidification.  We have argued that the ongoing warming of the world’s oceans will play a role in the prophecy that says a third of the seas will be turned to ‘blood’, killing all life trapped within.  The toxic algae bloom, known as the red tide, turns the color of the ocean to blood red and literally kills most life trapped inside.  Though scientists have noticed the red tides are occurring more frequently, it would be a stretch to argue that the warming seas (combined with man’s pollution) will cause a third of the world’s ocean to be covered in a gigantic red tide — until a recent scientific study.  It has only recently been discovered that the growing acidity of the ocean (caused by the ocean’s absorption of greenhouse gases) is another factor that promotes the growth of toxic, harmful algae blooms (like the red tide).  Both the warming of the oceans and its acidification are linked to the release of green house gases into the atmosphere. This double punch could bring about the ‘blood’ seas as foretold in Revelation — and do so within the 40 year window.

God is allowing us to see the signs of the fulfillment of Revelation’s prophecies and the return of Christ. As the time draws closer, we will be able to things even more clearly.  Don’t be caught unprepared when the time arrives.

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