In the recent Italian parliamentary elections, Grillo and his 5 Star Movement won a tremendous victory. Despite it being their first time to participate in a national parliamentary election, Grillo’s party won the most number of total votes. The 5 Star Movement can serve as an inspiration and as a model for people in other countries who also want to fight to take control of politics away from the wealthy and the corrupt, and to oppose the political agenda of the Beast. Though I only know what I read in the news, it looks like Grillo is leading a movement that is fighting to make a government that represents the people of the nation, and not just pass laws that benefit the rich and powerful. This is what is needed to resist the power of the coming Beast. I have argued that he Beast will be a tyrant and take away the freedoms of democracy. The erosion of the foundations of democracy is already occurring and a democratic revival is needed.

The 5 Star Movement could serve as a model for others in a number of ways.  For example, the 5 Star Movement has focused on policies that benefit the people, and not the wealthy. This means the party is starved from large donations from the wealthy.  Winning an election takes money, so to counter the lack of financing, Grillo has campaigned entirely by using the internet and by holding rallies. The 5 Star Movement even went as far to prohibit members from giving interviews or otherwise appearing on TV.  This was a smart move as the party can avoid the damage of interviews biased against them. The media is controlled by the type of powerful interests that he is trying to pry away from political power (the Republicans in the US should emulate Grillo and boycott the TV and news media given its significant bias against them).

Grillo has called for a public referendum on whether Italy should stay in the European Union. This would be a welcomed change as the entrenched political powers in Europe have consistently suppressed giving the people a chance to vote on this crucial issue.

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