It was reported in the Wall Street Journal that certain Senators are considering ‘immigration reform’.  One proposal being considered is to require that all US workers will need to have a workers identification card, to prove that they are legally qualified to work in the US.  There is also talk to make the card ‘bio-metric’, which means it will contain fingerprint information within an IC chip embedded in the card.  (
When the Beast rises to power, he will command that all people will require to get his mark and that no one will be able to buy or sell anything without that mark.  The electronic payment infrastructure is now being build and the only thing required to implement the mark of the Beast will be a nation wide identification system.  This article also says that most European nations already require citizens to carry a national identification card — so Europe is already positioned to receive the mark.
This development combined with the start of free trade negotiations with the European Union vividly shows how active the children of the Beast are in America.  America is still a democracy and Believers vastly outnumber the children of the Beast (though the latter control more wealth and political influence bought by that wealth) — action is required to save America from the coming Anti-Christ.  Nothing in Revelation indicates that America is fated to fall to the Beast — Believers can still act to save America and its people.

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