I have never been in the military, so the biggest explosive that I have handled was a very large firecracker.  In the movies, we have often seen how a small explosive device is often required to set off the larger blast (before mobile phones became the detonator of choice).  It is possible that scientists have found the most likely detonator for a catastrophic spike in global temperatures.



We have often highlighted how the release of methane by melting permafrost and the melting of methane hydrates in the ocean, create a positive reinforcing mechanism that will serve to accelerate global warming.  Recently, researchers have located an area in eastern Siberia, where permafrost UNDER the sea has started to melt (up to now, we had been focusing on permafrost found on land).   This area is called the Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf.  Researchers have determined that the amount of potential methane release by a melting of the undersea permafrost of this region is equal to the rest of the world’s oceans methane hydrates — in other words, mind boggling immense.  http://www.livescience.com/41476-more-arctic-seafloor-methane-found.html

Researchers have determined that this undersea permafrost has already started to melt in the summer months, when water temperatures rise significantly.  As previously noted, average Arctic air temperatures are rising much faster than the global average, which has been causing unprecedented melting of the Arctic sea ice during the summer months (unprecedented since the time before the last ice age).  However, not only are Arctic air temperatures rising, but the oceans themselves are also warming due to global warming.  Furthermore, separate research has shown that the melting of the Antarctic land ice at the South Pole has set up a chain reaction in the ocean’s currents which will further accelerate the warming of the ocean waters in the Arctic.

We have identified a number of positive reinforcing mechanisms, which have not been factored into the global warming models, which will serve to accelerate global warming beyond current estimates.  We have now identified a massive area, the Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf, which will be directly affected by these mechanisms that are causing the Arctic region to heat up so dramatically.  At some point, the rise in air and ocean temperatures in the Arctic summer months will become great enough to melt all of the permafrost of this region, and the massive methane release should surely cause a consequent heat spike that will scorch the world, as foretold by Revelation.


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