Any field of science where I am not sure of how to pronounce the field-specific terminology, let alone be able to spell them, I would give it the label of ‘esoteric’.  I have been reading up on some recent findings in the area of oceanography, more precisely, the study of ocean currents.  Ordinarily, my eyes would glaze over as I struggle with the new terminology, but as it has implications for the prophecies of Revelation, I forced myself to continue on.  It is actually quite interesting when viewed in the proper light —

There is a global system of ocean currents, which falls under the term of the thermohaline current.  It is a current that circles the world’s oceans that is driven by water density differentials in the oceans (for any experts in the field, please forgive any lay mistakes).  Saltier and colder water is more dense than ‘fresher’ (less salty) and warmer water.  For example, as the warmer waters from the south Atlantic leaves the equatorial regions and heads north, it will start to cool and eventually grow cold, making the water dense enough to sink to the bottom of the ocean in the northern Arctic region.  This colder, denser water then flows back southward, along the bottom the ocean.  In the south Atlantic, near Antarctica, there is a process where there is a mixing of the warmer and colder ocean waters, before the water current resumes its travels back northward.

Among the different subsections of the thermohaline current, most attention has been focused on the North Atlantic, where we find the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation ocean current (aka AMOC).  Perhaps one reason is because of the movie, The Day After Tomorrow, which depicted an extreme scenario.  However, much of the movie was based on fact.  Historical geological records has shown that the AMOC has stopped more than once, and in doing so caused much of the northern Hemispheres to freeze over.

Today, scientists see evidence that the AMOC is starting to slow, and one scientific expedition was not able to locate the ‘geysers’ in the Arctic Ocean regions, where the cold, dense water sinks towards the ocean bottom.  Most of the press focuses on the warming of the air temperatures in the Arctic and the melting of the land based ice in Iceland and Greenland, as the factors for the slowing of the AMOC.  However, other research has shown that the melting of the Antarctica land ice is also a factor that has been driving the extreme warming of the northern Arctic region.

Please refer to the link for a detailed description of how the mechanisms work and how it is failing, but in a nutshell:

As the ocean warms around Antarctica, it has caused a significant melting of the Antarctica land ice, and this melting is accelerating.  The fresh water runoff has formed a sort of barrier in the ocean, between 50 to 150 meters below the surface, which has hindered the process by which warmer surface currents and deeper colder water mix.  The net effect has been that warmer water than normal has been flowing from the south Atlantic, near Antarctica, which has served as a factor in the above average warming of the Arctic in the north.  As the ocean continues to warm, it will accelerate the melting of land ice in western Antarctica, and cause further acceleration of the Arctic warming.  This serves to demonstrate how dynamic is the world’s integration, when it comes to global warming and its feedback loops.

As I believe that the negative effects of global warming are tied to the realization of the prophecies foretold in Revelation, I have been attempting to find the triggers needed to accelerate its predicted catastrophic consequences, in order to reconcile timing differences between those predictions and my own estimation for the time window for the return of Christ — most scientific predictions of global warming doom are 80 to 100 years away, whereas I argue that the window for Christ’s return is more like 30 years away.  We have found that the release of methane by the melting permafrost can serve as one accelerant of global warming.  Similarly, the melting of methane hydrates on the ocean floor has similarly not been factored into researchers’ models.  We have highlighted recently published research that argued that certain long term cycles that affect the Pacific Ocean has served to stall global heating, and once that  cycle reverses, global average air temperatures can spike higher.  Finally, the research that explains some of the changes in the Antartica ocean currents, looks to accelerate the warming of the Arctic north, which will serve to accelerate the release of methane and methane hydrates into the atmosphere.  Scientific research has clearly shown mechanisms by which global warming can quickly accelerate, causing massive temperature spikes and drought — and through which, bring about the prophecies of Revelation.

Do not expect the federal government or the media to give warning of what is coming.  Make preparations and plans now — as Believers, our deaths do not matter, but for the sake of friends and family who might not yet be saved, we need to buy them time.


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