The illegitimate Biden administration is rumored to be finally doing the right thing, and officially recognize the Turkish acts of genocide against the Armenian people.

Joe Biden set to formally recognize Armenian genocide, officials say | Armenian genocide | The Guardian

The official recognition of an acknowledge historical fact does not seem like it should be such a big deal, but Turkey has been fighting this simple act for quite awhile.  The motivation for such action remains unclear, should the US government actually go ahead with this decision.  However, in light of our recent speculation that the Whore of Babylon is looking for ways to weaken the Beast and his servants (you will need to read some older posts if this just went over your head), then this development warrants further attention.  The current Turkish leader, Erdogan, has been extremely aggressive in his threats and use of force in the local region.  Should Erdogan retaliate against NATO or Western Europe for the US recognition of the Turkish genocide, then this would offer support for our argument that the Biden administration is working to provoke conflict in the European region.

For Believers in Europe, if you have the means, then leaving the Continent should be considered (though there are not many sanctuaries left in the world).  Hopefully the rapture will occur before the Seventh seal is opened.  If that is not in the cards (and the odds may be fairly high), then it would not hurt to make preparations.  It will be easier to endure in your faith if you have a plan B should the **** hit the fan.

Be like the bridesmaids who carry plenty of oil for their lamps (Matthew 25:1-13), and make sure you are prepared.  May God watch over you and protect in these End of Days.


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