This site has recently speculated that the Whore of Babylon and the Beast are vying to see who will inherit Satan’s mantle of power (yeah, that really sounds out there, even to me, but please bear with me).  Chapter 17 in the Book of Revelation talks in great detail of the Whore of Babylon.  This site has argued that the Whore of Babylon represents those Jews who are working for the rise of the secular Jewish moshiach (a.k.a. messiah), and further more, that it is the Whore of Babylon who is the power behind the illegitimated Biden Presidency.  In a similar vein, we have argued that the Beast and his servants are the power that sits behind the European Union.  Revelation tells us that these two entities will work together for a period of time (Revelation 17:3), but there will be a falling out and ultimately the Beast will destroy the Whore (Revelation 17:16).

Given this perspective, we can expect the current illegitimate Biden  administration to seek to dominate the EU by weakening it, so that they can rule over Europe in the coming mega-state merger.  This makes the US activity in Ukraine extremely interesting (for lack of a better word).  We would argue that the US is seeking to provoke a war between the Ukraine and Russia, not for the sake of weakening Russia’s geo-political might — but rather it is an indirect attack on the European Union.  Should a war break out between Russia and Ukraine, it would result in gas supplies being cut-off between Russia and Germany (and other parts of the EU).  The war would disrupt the economy and the societies of Western Europe, and could even possibly drag NATO into the conflict.  America would be untouched by the war — but US arms makers would receive another windfall gain as the Democrats would most certainly pump US military supplies into Europe to fuel the war.

This analysis of the current events in Ukraine is highly speculative, however, as it is based on the prophecies of Revelation, it does bear some thought.  If the Whore of Babylon is indeed indirectly attacking the Beast, then Revelation tells us the Beast will eventually gain the upper hand.  As we proceed further into the End of Days, the signs of the coming prophecies of Revelation will only increase.  May God grant you the faith to endure, and the wisdom to guide you through the difficult days that lie ahead.

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