Though mostly ignored by major media outlets, the US House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing arms shipments to Ukraine.  Though ‘defensive’ in nature, it represents further US escalation of the Ukraine conflict —

America has not had much luck in ‘helping’ other nations when it comes to military involvement.  America’s attempts to ‘help’ countries in the Middle East has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people — of course, America was not directly responsible for all the deaths, but America’s actions triggered events that resulted in massive deaths and suffering of the people of the Middle East.  America now has turned its attention to ‘help’ Ukraine, and with surety, we know that tens of thousands will die from the escalation.  Can the fact that most Americans cannot locate Afghanistan or Ukraine on a map be the reason that they care so little for the deaths that result from America’s ‘help’?

This site holds that the second horseman, the rider on a red horse, has been set loose upon the world, and whoever and whatever may be the catalyst, conflicts in the world will continue to grow and when the fourth horsemen, Death and Hades are set loose, conflicts around the world will escalate further.  The question remaining is whether America has been possessed by one or more of the horsemen?  America’s thirst for war seems to have no end.  Is bombing Iran next?

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