We have argued that the Beast, when he rises to his final place of power, will morph and become a dictator (perhaps in everything but name).  Our argument is based upon the implications of his actions as prophesied by Revelation.  The growing sphere of the federal government’s mandates into its citizen’s personal lives (mandates = orders = loss of person choice = loss of freedom) shows a strong and obvious trend.

The ability of the people, through their State and US Congressmen, to determine the laws of the land are being overturned by the Courts.  We have argued that once the children of the Beast obtain an absolute majority on the Supreme Court, their ability to make de facto legislation that overrides any elected body, will represent a dramatic acceleration of the nation’s momentum towards domination by the Beast.

Even the laws the Congress makes, that don’t get struck down by the Supreme, are being ignored by the current President.  This is aptly illustrated by a recently propose new law (https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr4138/text) that seeks to force the President to enforce the laws of Congress (not sure he just can’t ignore that one as well).  The hallmark of a tyrant is that he acts unencumbered by any constraint — breaking the law is one way, and ignoring what he is required to do (enforce the laws of the land) is another.  Such willfulness is an indicator of the slow death of democracy in America’s current society.

The ongoing loss of freedom and the concurrent growth of power of the federal government are both accelerating.  Drastic change is required if America is to be taken off the path that leads to the dominion of the Beast.

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