This site often discusses news that relates to the coming of the Beast, as it is a geopolitical event that will take time to develop.  With that said, we see by reading Revelation that his ascension to his final place of power takes place towards the end of the Last Days.  What takes place at the start of the Last Days is the opening of the seals and the unleashing of the Four Horsemen.

As we have argued recently, it is not entirely clear (at least to me) how the first horseman, the white rider, will manifest itself on the world.  I have postulated it could be China, whose dramatic rise in both economic and military power, could be characterized as ‘conquering’ (though this is pure speculation).  I believe the key to knowing if the Last Days have begun is the identification of the Red Rider, the second Horsemen, and how he will manifest himself on the world.  It is also important to identify the coming of the Red Rider, because following in his footsteps is the Black Rider — the bringer of famine.  The coming of the Red Rider will be the last warning before the start of global food shortages.

The current events in Ukraine and the building up of tension between Russia and America (it really is America that triggered this crisis in that it encouraged the Ukrainians to throw away the deal brokered by the EU nations) represent one possible scenario of how the Red Rider might be unleashed.  Should armed conflict erupt in Europe, the ripples of such could be sufficient to break the financial bubbles created in both America and China.  Should this occur, then for lack of a more prosaic description — things will get ugly fast.

We don’t know with 100% probability on how things will play out, but we do know with 100% probability on how things will end up.  Look inside your heart and find out how you are suppose to serve God, and get to work.  While you are at it, don’t forget to make so preparations for what is coming. God says we should not worry about food and clothing because He will provide, but that does not mean we should walk around naked begging for food.

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