Events in Ukraine continue to confirm our argument regarding a driving motivation behind the Whore’s (read illegitimate Biden administration) disinformation campaign.

Ukraine Hit by Cyberattack as US Questions Claims of a Russian Troop Pullback |

This site has been making the argument that one of the motivating factors behind the illegitimate Biden administration’s warmongering in Ukraine, is to construct a narrative of Russian hacking.  The Whore will then move to take control over the state and local voting machines in the US, in order to “protect” them from Russian hacking, with the intent of hacking the voting machines themselves in the upcoming US Congressional elections.  Just as Biden would have lost the US Presidential election without massive voter fraud/voting machine hacking, the Democrats will lose control of both the House and the Senate unless they rig the elections — again.

Given this scenario, we can expect the Russian-Ukraine “crisis” to continue until November, with ongoing reports of “Russian cyberattacks” to intensify the closer we get to the elections.

The Whore ripped out the heart of American democracy by rigging the last US Presidential election.  Should the Whore succeed in doing the same in the upcoming US Congressional election, then democracy will be completely extinguished in all but name.

As Revelation tells us that God will judge and destroy the Whore, it will be important for Believers to make preparations to weather the storm.

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