I suppose this is one of those sayings that is so old, it seems a bit odd to use — but hopefully you get what I am trying to say…

The illegitimate Biden administration has come out to officially declare the cyberattack on the Ukraine banks to be a Russian government operation.

US Says Russia Was Responsible for Cyberattack Against Ukrainian Banks | Newsmax.com

Honestly, though, a DOS (denial of service) attack only poses a temporary inconvenience, with zero damage of any type occurring.  It is such a pussy attack that it is more akin to the anti-Fa painting swastikas on Jewish grave stones.  Given our arguments, the only party motivated to engage in such a meaningless, pussy hack would be the illegitimate Biden administration, which is trying to “construct a narrative” (in brackets as I do despise the terminology) of dangerous Russian cyberattacks.  We have argued that these false flag attacks will only intensify the closer we get to the November US Congressional elections, as the Whore ( the power behind the illegitimate Biden Presidency) is looking to take federal control over the state and local voting machines in order to “protect” them from Russian hacking.  However, their true intent is to hack the machines themselves, in order to once again rig the elections — that is the only way the Democrats will be able to take full control of both Houses of Congress.

Recently, things continue to heat up in the Dombass region, as rebel assets come under attack.  As we argued earlier, the precise timing of US predictions of a Russian invasion make little sense.  The U S cannot know the mind of Putin in such detail, though the US would know precisely the timing of US backed attacks against the rebel forces in the Donbass region — which exactly coincided with US predictions of a “Russian invasion”.

No injuries in Donetsk car bomb. Car belonged to Donbass security chief | Forexlive

Large explosion in Luhansk. Potentially a pipeline | Forexlive

Needless to say, it looks like the Whore (aka illegitimate Biden administration) will not stop their provocations in Ukraine until Russia is forced to respond militarily.  Should the US actually succeed in starting a full-out war with Russia, the eventual outcome cannot be deduced from the prophecies of Revelation, at this point of time (though looking back at what happened when America attacked Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, it is easy to say that the war will result in horrific causalities and devastated societies).  However, Revelation does say that the Beast/Anti-Christ (the power behind the EU), will grow to hate the Whore and eventually, will join in attacking and destroying the Whore.  Given this, I would guess that things will not end well for the Whore — it just is not clear how the Whore will fall  (at this point in time).  I suppose,  we will find out soon enough.




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