I cannot help but have a viscerally positive response to the thought of Scotland and Catalonia winning their independence.  I wish there was a strong independence movement for the state of Texas.  There is another form of independence movement going on in Europe — the fight to win freedom from the European Union.

We have made the argument that the European Union looks to be the main vehicle by which the Beast looks to rise to secular political power.  This argument is based on the belief that the Beast will rise over a ten nation confederation and that confederation will be representative of a revived Roman Empire.  The Euro debt crisis has served to strengthen the move to a complete political merger of member states, and the next financial crisis (that is being set up by the policies of the Federal Reserve) could be severe enough to push the member governments into giving up their soverignity.  Given this risk, it is imperative that the independence movements in Europe succeed  — failure means falling under the dominion of the Beast.

In the Old Testament, we see instances where man was able to argue with God, in hopes of changing God’s mind.  Though the Beast will rise and take control over secular governments in Europe, that does not mean the particulars are set in stone.  For example, should the Spanish government politically merge with the EU, the people of Catalonia can remain independent should they win their own nation.   Or should the Alternative for Germany party lead a government in a Germany, they could leave the Euro zone and insure Germany does not politically merge with the EU, making Germany that much safer from the grasp of the coming Beast.

However, the children of the Beast are busy on their own political and social agenda, and the center piece is to win control over secular governments, and eventually bringing about a politically merged superstate — of which the Beast will rise to control.  For this reason, I cannot help but think that any independence movement is a good thing.

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