Like the Tom Cruise movie, ‘Minority Report’, many western, democratic nations are making ‘pre-crime’ laws in relation to terror threats.  For example, you can now be arrested for heading to Turkey if the government things you are intending to fight for the ISIL.  This opens up so many doors for abuse in the future, it is not funny.

So, given this precedent, I thought I would discuss a ‘pre-news’ story — something that has not happened yet, but could very well happen (my internet is working today, so I am feeling an urge to write now when I am able).

Recently, we have discussed how a supervolcano eruption could serve to fulfill certain prophecies in Revelation.  Though the supervolcano located in Yellowstone National Park has indeed received much attention, there is another supervolcano in America that is mostly ignored — the Long Valley Caldera.  What I find particularly interesting about the Long Valley supervolcano is its location — in northern California.  This is interesting because a recent geological survey has shown that much of California has literally risen in altitude due to massive amounts of ground water being pumped out of the ground.  The amount was large enough that the removal of the weight of the water caused the land to rise.  This phenomena was also documented in Antarctica, where the melting of the ice was great enough to similarly cause the land mass to rise.  One scientific research paper was published that said this rise of the Antarctic land mass was causing an up-welling of magma from the earth’s core, which was raising the risks of a volcanic eruption.  As ground water continues to be pumped out of the ground in California and the land mass continue to rise, perhaps an up-welling of magma might trigger the Long Valley supervolcano to act up.  This scenario is probably more suited for a Hollywood disaster movie, but the point of the exercise is to illustrate how God could use the forces of nature to bring about the prophecies found in Revelation — and in this scenario, again, it is through man’s actions that disaster is unleashed.

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