There is a website dedicated to tracking the progress of global warming, especially its affect on the Arctic region —

The site recently published a new post dated February 1st, which highlights an unusual event — the North Pole is forecast to have a high of zero degrees Centigrade next week.  This represents a 30 degree Centigrade rise from its historical average temperature.

The arctic news blog website is supported by a group of scientists, totally unrelated to any religious affiliation.  They are asserting that there is a real possibility that global average temperatures can rise by 10 degrees Centigrade within the next 10 years.  Though even I would assign this a low probability (I would say more like 20 years….), this shows that science is completely supportive of our argument that global warming will serve as the hand of God, in helping to bring about certain prophecies found in Revelation (e.g. those relating to the opening of the Seventh Seal).

You should listen to the audio broadcast, as it is gives a brief summary of the arguments for the rapid acceleration of global warming.

Life will be strange and scary in the latter stages of the End of Days, but it will only serve to strengthen our faith and give us courage to know that Christ will return within our lifetime.  The signs of Revelation surround us.

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