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This site has often highlighted the efforts to promote illegal immigration (more recently referred to as mass migration, seemingly to make it seem more palatable, like the movement of ducks heading south for the winter).  However, it has been awhile since we have had a more in-depth discussion as to how illegal immigration serves the agenda of the Beast.

Revelation 6: 1-2 tells us that the End of Days begins with the unleashing of the first horseman, the White Rider:

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.

And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

It is the general consensus that the White Rider represents the Beast (aka the Anti-Christ) and his agents.  They are set loose upon the world to prepare the way for the ascension of the Beast to his place of power, as the political head of a politically merged 10 nation mega-state (Revelation 13:1).  Given this, we can see that the agents of the Beast are working 24/7 to achieve their political goals — the news is filled with their propaganda and activities.  The agents of the Beast are proponents of illegal immigration as it serves a number of purposes, to help them achieve their political agenda.

The first purpose of illegal immigration is to attack and erode the sovereignty of the nation-state.  The Beast will need to facilitate the creation of his 10 nation mega-state — the sovereignty of the nation-state stands in his way.  Unlike ancient Rome, he will not use military force to create his empire. Rather, the Beast and his agents are working within the confines of democracy.  By electing leaders that are aligned with his agenda, the Beast will look to implement laws and policies that will help him to achieve his goals.  It is through this process that the Beast and his agents are working for the destruction of national sovereignty.

The promotion of illegal immigration is an attack on one of the core elements of sovereignty — its attack on the borders of the nation-state.  There is nothing more fundamental to the existence of a nation-state than its borders.   A nation’s borders intrinsically defines the nation — anything that attacks the borders, is an attack on that nation’s sovereignty.  In a similar fashion, another fundamental aspect of a sovereign state is the ability to determine who is allowed to enter the nation and live there.  The breakdown of this power represents a weakening of national sovereignty — again, something which the agents of the Beast are working for.

As the Beast and his agents are looking to politically merge Western democracies into his mega-state, and rise over it as a tyrant, it will be important to similarly undermine democracy itself.  As we have previously argued, just like Hitler and the National Socialist Party, the Beast and his agents have entered into the politics of democracy with the purpose of destroying it (the Heidelberg Principle).

Within this context, the agents of the Beast are also looking to use illegal immigration to undermine democracy in the targeted nation-states.  In the local areas where the agents of the Beast currently hold political dominance, we can see efforts to give illegal immigrants the rights of citizens, with the end goal here of giving then voting rights — legally or illegally.  For example, in California, there is a two pronged effort to give illegal immigrants the ability to vote in elections.  The first is to allow illegal immigrants to legally obtain state driver’s licenses.  The second prong is to have all licensed drivers to be automatically enrolled to vote.  Though the state officials may claim that they will take appropriate measures to prevent illegal immigrants from voting, we know by the track record of this sanctuary state, that millions of illegal immigrants will be allowed to vote illegally.

Other regions where the agents of the Beast hold power, they are not so subtle.  From California to New York, from Scotland to the Netherlands, there are political leaders and parties calling for the granting of voter rights to illegal immigrants.  By allowing a country to be inundated by illegal immigrants, it weakens the national identity of that nation, as naturally-born citizens become overwhelmed by the tide of illegal newcomers.  We can see this process in certain low population nations in Europe (Sweden being a prime example, with Germany quickly catching up).  If you then give this swelling tide the ability to vote, then the agents of the Beast will have a huge voting block that will support their efforts in destroying the sovereignty of that nation, facilitating its political merger into the coming mega-state.  This attack on the voting process, through the illegal use “migrants” in elections and the attempts to legally use them by granting them voting rights, is a massive assault at the very heart of democracy.

Whether a politician or political party, whether on the left or the right, one good litmus test of whether they are supporters of the Beast is there stance on illegal immigration.  Naturally, the United Nations and the many of the leaders of the European Union are promoters of illegal immigration and the destruction of national borders, aka “open borders”.  Even in the Republican Party in America, there are a number of Senators who are working for unbridled illegal immigration and the implementation of E-verify, a national identification system which will be used to implement the mark of the Beast (when the time comes).

The agents of the Beast have no love or compassion for those from poverty stricken countries.  They only seek their wholesale importation in order to facilitate their political goals of amassing political power for the purpose of undermining both the national sovereignty and democracy of the targeted nation.  Revelation tells us they will never cease in their attempts.  It is up to Believers to slow then down and reverse their efforts in order to buy time for their children.  The world in which the Beast is attempting to create will crush the body and spirit of those trapped within.

The signs of Revelation surround us in our everyday lives.  Let them serve as reminders of Christ’s return.

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