There was a piece of paleontological climate research that was published a few years back, which concluded that during the Paleocene/Eocene thermal maximum, which occurred 56 million years ago, global average temperatures rose by over 5 degrees centigrade within a 13 year time frame.

PETM Shocker: When CO2 Levels Doubled 55 Million Years Ago, Earth May Have Warmed 9°F In 13 Years

They argued that it was the release of Arctic seabed methane which was the primary driver of that massive spike in global temperatures.

This scientific research illustrates what will happen again, quite possibly within the next 10 years (given our argument that Christ will return by 2048).  Our scenario is that man-made global warming, caused by carbon emissions, has warmed the earth to the point of triggering natural global warming self-reinforcing cycles.  The Arctic is suffering a rise in average sea and air temperatures way in excess of the global averages.  This, in turn, has begun the cycle of permafrost melt and methane release, which will eventually cause a massive methane burst, where the massive deposits of frozen methane under the East Siberian Sea will melt, spewing forth gigatons of methane into the atmosphere.  This cycle caused a sudden warming spike of 5 degrees Centigrade 56 million years ago, and we argue that this will again occur, bringing about the manifestation of the opening of the Seventh Seal (and other prophecies as well).

More recently, another group of scientists published a reported that argued something slightly different:

The research published in this Nature article, argue that it was the carbon from a heightened period of global volcanism that was the primary driver of the massive heat rise during the PETM.  I would argue that the research from both of these scientists are supportive of the arguments made on this site.  We have argued that the melting of the polar ice will bring about a new age of global volcanism, which will result in the eruption of a supervolcano, signalling the opening of the Sixth Seal.  Even if such an eruption results in a slight temporary cooling of global average temperatures, the rise of global volcanism will contribute to further global warming.  As water and air temperatures continue to rise in the Arctic, it is only a matter of time before there is a massive eruption of methane into the atmosphere, releasing gigatons of methane.  It is not relevant whether global volcanism or Arctic methane release is the primary driver — they both represent the manifestation of the prophecies of Revelation.

God created the universe and the world we live on.  Given that, God also created the principles of physics, biology, and yes, even the dynamics as they relate to climate change.  If God has decided to use the rules of nature to bring about the opening of the Sixth and Seventh Seals, who are we to say otherwise.

Unbelievers would argue that science disproves the existence of God, however, in the End of Days, science serves to support the coming of the prophecies of Revelation.  In the End of Days, we will see and experience many strange and wonderful (and scary) things.  May it serve to strengthen our faith and to help us be better servants of Christ.


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