In a very undemocratic move, the President of Italy (a position very different from the Presidency in America) has refused to allow the 5 Star Movement-League coalition to govern.  Instead, he designated a technocrat to form a government to rule the nation.  The bottom line is that new elections will soon be held, though unless the President is replaced, I am not sure what meaning it will have.  Perhaps the President is thinking that he will keep having elections until there is an outcome that he likes.  We have argued that the agents of the Beast are no friends of democracy, and the actions of the Italian President further bolster this argument.

The potential for surprising twists in Italy is very high, but in the end, this site holds to its argument that the EU, in its present state, must first be broken apart, before the politically unified European superstate can arise.  It makes me think of chapter 17 of Revelation, where it talks about the Whore of Babylon and the Beast.  This site has speculated that the Whore of Babylon represents those Jewish people who are working for the rise of the secular Jewish messiah.  They think that the Beast is serving them, but in the end the Beast will turn on them.

Should the end game in Italy be the destruction of the EU, it would not be surprising that the Beast will see that it is in his interest to facilitate that, so that he can create his superstate from its ashes.

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