The United Nations Human Rights Council has voted to investigate the recent killing of Palestinians along the Israel-Gaza border.

This site has argued that the agents of the Beast are working for the eventual merger of Israel into the coming European superstate.  Given this, it is not surprising that the UN is being used the put pressure on the Zionist policies of the current administration in Israel.  In order for Israel to become part of a unified European superstate, two things must happen.  The first is the undermining and elimination of Zionism as a fundamental principle in creating laws and policies in Israel.   Zionism argues that Israel is a nation for Jewish people — Israel cannot be merged into any “gentile” political entity under Zionism.  Once Zionism is eliminated, then the second thing becomes easy — having Israel abandon its national sovereignty and merge with the European superstate.  Polls show that a majority of Israelis already support the nation joining the European Union.

The campaign against Zionism, which is being waged by overseas Jews (and is of course supported  by many Muslims), is a long term battle, which might take decades.  However, the words of Paul in 2 Thessalonians tell us that eventually, the Beast will gain political power over Israel.  Once he does, the Beast will rebuild the Jewish Temple and use it to declare himself God.

World events are so interesting in the End of Days.



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