I have come to accept who I am and my life for what it is, and generally do not sweat the little (or big things).  For me that is part of living in faith.  So here I am watching this TV show, and they are making a big deal of people with terminal stage 4 cancer.  Then I think, oh fuqk, I had that — and through your prayers, God took it away from me,  For those who are catching up, almost a year ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 throat and lymph node cancer.  I had the tumors removed and the morning of the second day after the surgery, I felt God’s power surge through my body.  When I woke up I was disoriented, and could not really feel my body (hard to explain).  However I knew that God had seen fit to answer your prayers and cleanse my body of cancer.

I just thought it was a good time to again thank you, and God, for allowing me more time on this world.  Maybe I will live long enough to be raptured….or to witness Christ’s return (which means no rapture!).


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