I am very bad at tech.  I have said it many times.  Years early, I noticed that someone actually posted a comment, actually it was a question (I still am not sure what all the blog settings are).  The question was, where can we find refuge in the End of Days?.  I did not answer, for at the time I was not sure.  I had thought that South America might be a good place because of the lack of extradition agreements with America — assuming that America would fall under the power of the Beast.  I had also thought Canada might be a good place because of all the wilderness there — perhaps easier to hide and also forage for food and water.  However, since then, it appears that those locations might experience a lot of issues with global warming, and so they might not be such great places to hunker down in should there not be a rapture.

Recently, a new piece of research has come out on global warming —

If you look at the map, you will notice that the southern hemisphere will not suffer as much from global warming as the northern hemisphere.  I would be curious as to why the researchers think the northern hemisphere will suffer higher than average increases in temperature.  This site has argued that such would be case given the release of methane from the Arctic, as well as due to changes in the thermocline ocean currents and the reduction of ocean mixing in the Antarctica region.

Looking at the map in the article, we see that New Zealand and southern Australia will not suffer as much global warming as compared to the rest of the world.  Both countries speak English and have been kept safe from illegal immigration (so far).  Both countries are net food exporters and have small populations — crucial for when food production gets crushed in the northern hemisphere.  Australia is also a large energy producer, so when shipping becomes disrupted by war, Australia will still have plenty of energy to fuel their electric generators.  If you have money, you can easily immigrate legally.  They also have ‘retirement’ visas and skill visas (so if you have a skill they want, you can easily immigrate).  For these reasons, I would say that if you have the skills or means, get your butts Down Under.  If you don’t…well, maybe the rapture will happen — I personally just do not have a lot of conviction on that issue.

Note:  In the very late period of the End of Days, when the Beast has risen to power and the second Beast, the false Elijah, commands the world to take the mark of the Beast and worship him, the best place to be might be …… Russia.  The reasoning is that Russia is the last ‘western’ nation that stands independent from the political influence of the children of the Beast.  For Russia to join the monetary union which will be the basis for the mark of the Beast, Russia would also be surrendering their sovereignty to that monetary union.  At this point in time, and until Putin is removed, Russia will stand separate and resist losing their sovereignty to the West and the coming Beast.  Of course, should the children of the Beast be successful in bringing down Russia and absorbing it into the coming European mega-state, then all bets would then be off.



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