This site has recently made the argument that a civil war is heating up in Israel, pitting American and European Jews against the voters of Israel.  Soros and other ‘overseas’ Jews are seeking to ‘influence Israeli elections’ (just as the media complains 24/7 about what the Russians supposedly did in America) to overthrow the Netanyahu administration and elect politicians that will undermine and eliminate many of the Zionist policies that currently exists.

The undercurrents of this silent civil war boil up to the surface now and again.

A Jewish person, who was appointed head of a prestigious Jewish history organization, has sparked controversy within the Jewish community because of his criticisms of the Israeli government.

This site has argued that the Beast must gain political control of Israel.  This is of central importance to the Anti-Christ, as 2 Thessalonians tells us that he will grab control of the newly rebuilt Jewish Temple (to be build on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem), in order to proclaim himself God.

The Jewish civil war will continue until the Beast ultimately finds a way to influence Israeli elections and elect a politician that will do his bidding.  The 18 billion dollars that Soros ‘donated’ to his own Open Society organization will certainly aid in that effort.

Once the 10 nation mega-state is created in Europe, the Beast will reach out to Israel and the Palestinian territories.  He will invite the Israelis and Palestinians to merge with his mega-state.  They will agree and construction of the Jewish Temple will begin — the mass media will hail the Beast as the Peacemaker, and he will lay claim to be the Jewish secular moshiach (aka Messiah).

The signs of Revelation truly fill the news.

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