Australia will hold a non-binding postal referendum on single-sex marriage (the official term for gay marriage).  There is one mass media outlet that can be counted to always take the side of agents of the Beast on any political or social subject.  They published a propaganda piece to support the ‘yes’ of the referendum, but it does not take much to see the real story.

The article argues that the normalization of homosexuality will prevent thousands of teen from attempting suicide, each year.  However, what it does not mention is that these teens are attempting suicide because of the trauma that stems from homosexual child abuse.  When an adult or older minor sexually abuses a young minor, a mental imprinting can occur, where the abused minor equates sex with homosexual activities.  The more persistent the abuse, the more hardwired the brain becomes.  The cases where a small child becomes confused about whether they are a boy or girl, must surely indicate some form of serious sexual or mental abuse.

Should Australia legalize single-sex marriage, the sexual abuse of young minors will skyrocket, as the agents of the Beast will then move from the normalization of homosexuality to its promotion.

Already, in Sydney, the implementation of ‘safe schools’ is making that transition.  Toddlers are being groomed by schools that promote ‘LBGT tolerance’ — by exposing small children to LBGT teachings.  This makes the children more open to homosexual abuse by older minors.  Should Australia actually legalize gay marriage, the ‘safe school’ programs will surely be implemented across all of Australia.

You rarely hear the proponents of homosexuality saying ‘I was born this way’ anymore.  It is because they know that is only a big lie.  Homosexuals are a product of child sexual abuse — the psychological trauma of this causes 3000 teenagers to attempt suicide each year.  The legalization of single sex marriage will only result in a 10-fold increase of this tragedy.

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