The Republicans who think they will win back control of Congress in the upcoming elections in November are in denial.  No matter how many voters vote Republican, the Democrats will expand their control of Congress.

Pres. Biden warns private sector… Shore up cyber defensives as attacks are coming | Forexlive

The Democrats will once again rig the elections, to guarantee their victory, by taking control of the election machines “to protect” them from Russian hacking.  By doing this, the Whore will be in a position to hack the state and local election machines themselves, thereby insuring their victory.

It does not matter whether the Russians actually engage in any sort of cyberattacks, as the Whore will do it for them!  The Whore will engage in “pussy hacks” — attacks that do no lasting damage — and use that as a pretext to “protect” the US voting infrastructure.

At the moment, I am not able to envisage a scenario whereby the Whore is destroyed, but it is coming.  But do not expect a “Moses moment”, where God will mystically smite the Whore.  God will use men to serve as the hand of God in this act — though He still might ignite a super-volcano (I am not yet giving up on that argument!) to help facilitate matters.

We are living in the midst of the End of Days, a period that is not filled with rainbows and unicorns.  Live in the moment, enjoy the little things, serve God where you can, and prepare for the time of tears that Believers need to endure before the rapture.



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