“Don’t underestimate the other guy’s greed.”, Frank Lopez in Scarface.

The site has been arguing that one of the Whore’s (aka the illegitimate Biden administration) motivation to instigate a war in Ukraine is to strengthen its dominate position over the Beast (aka the European Union).  Previously, we had also argued that the Whore took control over the US federal government via massive voter fraud in the last Presidential election.

Recently I have begun thinking that the Whore must have a more concrete goal, than just increasing its domination over Europe.  Both the Whore and the Beast are working to weaken the sovereignty of the nation-states under their control for the long term goal of creating a world government.  The Beast (i.e. the EU) has a very concrete goal of merging its member nation-states into one single super-state.  However, the Whore is undermining the sovereignty of America without anyone to merge with.  Though pure conjecture, I would wonder if the Whore, having taken control of America, is aiming to do a hostile takeover of Europe.

Revelation tells us that the Whore will initially be in a dominant position over the Beast in their relationship (please refer to previous posts).  The greed of the Whore is vast, and in its arrogance, the Whore is looking to take total control over Europe.  This would give more concrete motivation for America to instigate a war in Ukraine — the Whore would then expand the war into NATO vs Russia, thereby resulting in Russia having to start using tactical nuclear weapons against NATO conventional forces, to offset NATO’s numerical superiority.  This would create death, havoc and chaos in Europe, leaving America basically unscathed.  This would make Europe ripe for a hostile takeover by the Whore — never underestimate the greed of the Whore!

Should this pure conjecture be close to the mark, then this would further strengthen our scenario where the conflict in Ukraine will spread to Europe — all at the instigation of the Whore.  This would serve to be sufficient cause for the 10 horns of the Beast to come to hate the Whore, eventually resulting in the total destruction of the Whore (please refer to latest Topic write up).

Revelation tells us that the Whore of Babylon will be destroyed before the rapture and the Marriage of the Lamb occurs.  For this reason, this site has been taking particular interest in how the conflict in Ukraine develops.

The signs of Revelation truly surround us.


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