Today’s election in France will have a tremendous impact, should Le Pen of the National Front win.  Of the course the polls and the major media all say that Marcon, the other candidate, has a huge lead of 10 points (i.e. percent).  However, we have argued that the polls, which are conducted by the major media or their related groups, are propaganda — their intent is to try and affect the voting outcome by favoring the candidate that represents the interests of the Beast.  We have also argued that the fake polls can also be used to provide cover for any voting fraud perpetrated by the Beast and his agents.

The agents of the Beast lost Brexit and they lost to Trump — all despite the fact that the polls and the major media said Brexit would be defeated as well as Trump.  Should Le Penn also pull an ‘upset’ and win today’s election, then be prepared for all hell to break loose — in this case, a good thing.

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