It has been widely reported that Stephen Hawking,  a well followed scientists, has said that humanity has less than 100 years before extinction.  I cannot cite a direct quote as the TV show where he says this is yet to air.  As part of this dramatic call, Hawking argues that man must colonize space in order to survive as a species.

This site has argued that increasing temperatures from global warming will not increase in a linear fashion, as predicted by most models.  Rather, as natural global warming cycles kick in, the increase in global temperatures will rise in an exponential fashion.  The drastic increase in temperatures will bring about (directly, and indirectly) many of the prophecies as foretold in the Book of Revelations.  We have argued that these climate related prophecies will occur within the next 30 years (probably more like 20), given our assumption that Christ will return by 2047 (100 years after the founding of the modern state of Israel).

When the opening of the Seventh Seal occurs, global warming will cause havoc around the world, and in the wake of that, social and political upheaval will follow.  We are still waiting for the opening of the Sixth Seal, so there is yet time to prepare.

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