As one who believes in the word of God, and in a very literal interpretation of the Book of Revelation, I live in the most improbable of worlds.  My understanding of the current world would be derided as “conspiracy theories” (though the use of the phrase merely seeks to avoid debate and discussion of the issue at hand, through summarily dismissal).  My analysis of events and trends calls for events that are extremely improbable — until they become reality.  When my arguments become manifested into actuality, it is only because they are based on the prophecies of Revelation (and other books of the Bible).  Perhaps it is because I live in such an improbable world, that I am able to envisage how God’s prophecies might come about.

Our faith is built on a foundation of truth, the word of God, so that we can see beyond the propaganda and lies of the mass media, and of the minions of the Beast and the Whore.  The challenge for Believers is not one of faith or understanding, but on what actions should we be taking as servants of God.  That is something that each Believer must decide for themselves, as we will all be held accountable for those decisions.

As we proceed further into the End of Days, the Whore and the Beast will gain in power (well the Whore’s days are numbered), so as Believers, we will become more out of sync with the world (which is not a bad thing).  Live each day in faith and trust God to help us through the reverberations of the opening of the first six seals — and do what you can to prepare for all that is to come.

(As an interesting side note, after I posted my recent piece on Monetary Madness, members of the ECB started to become very vocal on the need to raise interest rates.  The coincidences in life can be amazing.)

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