When I first started writing on this site (time flies quickly), I was interested in the idea that the European Union would need to first fracture, before it politically merged into a unified super-state.  There are currently 27 nation-states that are members of the European Union.  Though member nations have signed treaties handing over certain sovereign rights to the EU, they all remain independent, sovereign nation-states who have to right to withdraw from the EU and its obligations.

Revelation tells us that the Beast will have 10 horns (Revelation 13:1), which is generally accepted to mean that the initial super-state will come about through the complete political merger of 10 nation-states — not 27.  Given this discrepancy, this site initially looked for clues as to what might cause a splintering of the EU.  However, there was nothing serious enough to cause such a fracturing — until now.

From the outside, it is challenging to clearly differentiate between the Whore and the Beast, especially within Europe, as their political and social agenda are very much aligned.  We are now in a sort of murky time within the prophecies of Revelation, as we are only told that there will be a falling out between the Whore and the Beast, and that ultimately God will judge the Whore and bring about her destruction (though we do not know the means of her demise).

Perhaps it is more of intellectual curiosity at this point, as to whether the 10 horns of the Beast’s hatred for the Whore (Revelation 17:16), will cause a splintering of the EU.  Again, it is just something that time will tell.  I only bring this up again, given our previous interest in the notion.

The next two months have a huge potential to bring a massive sh@t storm — this particular viewpoint is not directly derived from prophecy, so it is highly speculative.  Soon enough, we shall see how events play out.  DTTW.

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