The current crisis throwing the world into turmoil is purely man-made.  The Wuhan virus, aka Covid-19, is extremely contagious, and unlike other corona viruses, it has a structure similar to the Aids virus, which makes it easier for the virus to attach itself to healthy host cells.  The Chinese government has implicitly admitted that they are responsible for making the virus, as they have brazenly asserted that the US military made the virus and then infected someone in Wuhan with it — basically declaring that the US has engaged in an act of war, attacking them with a weapon of mass destruction.  Obviously, the Chinese government is attempting to negotiate with the US to preempt any retaliation for creating and unleashing a biological weapon upon the world (inadvertent as it may have been).

Just as the Wuhan virus was man-made, the violent fall in the world’s stock markets is similarly the result of government policies.  The central banks have made asset inflation an integral part of their monetary policies.  This has resulted in extremely high valuations implicit in stock prices.  The world’s regulators have looked the other way as “stat arb” and other computer driven trading algorithms now dominate trading.  These computer programs exacerbate stock price movements — intentionally as this is how they make money.  These two factors are central to why stock indexes have moved 5 to 10% on a daily basis in recent weeks.  Again, a man-made crisis.

The cancelation of sporting events and concerts is hardly a catastrophe.  Should someone run out of toilet paper, it represents a huge inconvenience, but there are work arounds (in India, I believe a can of water placed right next to the toilet has been a common practice).  Up until now, most of the people who have suffered from the result of the manifestation of prophecies from Revelation, have been from the conflict zones of the Middle East and Africa (the dominion of Death and Hades).  The spread of the corona virus to Europe, America, and other developed nations can be seen as a wake up call — as we progress further into the End of Days, more people will be affected by the coming manifestation of prophecies.

This site has speculated that the opening of the Sixth Seal will directly affect America and Europe, in a catastrophic manner.  Believers can use the corona virus panic as a dry run, testing their preparations for future events that are promised in Revelation.  Knowing what is coming is important, but perhaps even more important is how we prepare for it.  Live in the Now but prepare for Tomorrow.  The rapture may come but no harm in hedging one’s bets.

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