I think I must be a contrarian, as I seem to want to go against the mass media “narratives”.  In the spirit of this contrary nature, I wanted to post a totally ignored piece of news.


Weeks or perhaps months ago, there were reports out of Thailand that doctors there successfully treated Wuhan virus patients with a HIV drug.  Recently, researchers in Queensland have had similar success, where they treated coronavirus patients with two currently existing medicines — one for malaria, and another for Aids.  Both were successful in the complete elimination of the virus, with zero side affects.  Working with 50 hospitals in Australia, these medicines will be used to treat coronavirus patients, in a three month study.

The article does not give the name of the HIV drug, but the name of the malaria drug is chloroquine.  You might want to take note in case you do catch the coronavirus.

I seem to mostly write about horrible things that will happen, in connection with the prophecies of Revelation, so it is nice to write about something positive.  With that said, the current coronavirus panic should be looked at as a dry run, for the real crisis which will occur when the Sixth and Seventh seals are opened (Revelation Chapter 6).

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